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Explore places recommended by people like you

Explore everywhere like a local

Trupe allows you to discover lists of new places abroad, recommended by locals who like what you like.

Trupe is a crowd-sourced concierge solution that allows you quickly discover places and activities to enjoy in new cities by virtually matching you with like minded locals, aka trupers, to help you find unique experiences abroad. With no meet-ups, messaging or awkward contact; Trupe is a peer to peer platform of trupers helping travelers by creating lists of their favourite places in their hometown. We virtually match you with trupers who have the same interests, so that you can discover a flavour of any city that perfectly matches your vibe. It's safe, simple - and fast.

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Whether you’re a local who wants to share all the great spots in your city, or you’re a traveler who wants to share the perfect places you’ve seen, you can share your knowledge with others, as a truper.

Give a shout-out to all your favorite places, and save thousands of travelers from another banal tourist trap, awful restaurant, or overpriced attraction, and take part in a growing global community. Sound good  to you?

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Discover trupers

Using smart algorithms and machine learning, Trupe virtually  connects you with trupers who match your vibe, and live like you do. It makes exploring the world like a local, safe, simple - and fast.

Explore places

Using geo-fencing technology, Trupe allows you explore every city, hidden valley and secret hideaway via mapped, video-focused content that delivers honest insights and tips, tailored for you.



Explore places recommended by people like you


What makes Trupe different to recommendation sites?

Trupe is built on a community of people with a genuine love of travel and their own cities and towns. trupe lets people help each other to travel better, through honest, simple knowledge sharing of places they love, without any meetups, risk or negative feedback. 

How do I become a truper?

It couldn’t be easier. Sign up and let us know about you via the seamless on-boarding process, and then start sharing your favorite places. Sign up now and you’ll be the first to hear about when you can start truping.

When is the app launching?

You’ll be able to download trupe and get traveling like a local in mid 2019. We're putting the final pieces together and building our community behind the scenes to make sure you can discover places as unique as you.

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